There is no guidance from Kosteluk at our basic bronze, silver & gold parties. If necessary, you supervise the children's party yourself. Of course we ensure that everything is ready, the lemonade jugs stay full and the children eat on time. Basic parties last 3 hours and are from a minimum of 4 children.

BRONZE // 8.75
Entrance and reception with children's champagne
Balloon game (we put the names of the invited children in a balloon, the birthday boy can puncture the balloons. This way, there is a smooth course of giving the presents)
Decorate cupcake
Unlimited lemonade
French fries with snack mix (small frikandel, bitterbal and chicken nugget) or pancake
Rocket or pear ice cream

SILVER // 9.75
Bronze with an extra bag of candy on departure

GOLD // 11.75
Bronze & Silver with an activity of your choice as an extra
Bake your own pizza (fries or pancakes are no longer needed)
Or create your own painting or artwork

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