In addition to all standard soft drinks, tea, fresh orange juice and smoothies, we also serve .....

Warm drinks;
Fresh mint and fresh ginger tea with honey
Lavazza coffees
Hereby we serve delicious home-baked delicacies

Special beers; among others
Jopen - Life is a beach
Van Dampegheest - Alkmaars Blondje and Heavy boy
Adalberti - double, triple and weizen
Brand - weizen and IPA
Wieckse - white and Rose
Vedett - extra white
Texel bock

Of course we also serve alcohol-free!
Heineken 0.0 on tap
Brand Weizen 0.0
Wieckse white 0.0
Radler 0.0

Wine wall;
Apart from our house wines that we serve by the glass, we regularly change our wine wall.

Please note that our bottle prices are well priced compared to the wine by the glass.
Bob wine; And if you don't get the bottle ... you can take it home with you.

Recommended for this summer are the Australian pinot grigio and the cooled pinot noir.
The latter is also available per glass.